Calculation of your directions – favorable sectors

Do you position yourself in your good personal directions in your daily life?

Your life number (or figure Kua or Gua) serves, among other things, to position yourself in a habitat, to choose rather this or that room. It is used to orient its headboard rather North or South, to benefit from the best Chi currents in all circumstances.

In any Feng Shui study, we check all directions of the inhabitants to identify the main problems.

Simply turning one’s bed, changing places, and orienting one’s desk differently will benefit from a much more favorable chi flow and have a positive impact on your life.

Here are the worries / troubles that can be encountered when one is not oriented in the right directions:
Mishaps, arguments, tensions, sleep problems, unexpected difficulties, betrayals, obstacles, fatigue, indolence, legal problems, illness, loss of money.

This document saves you from tedious calculations and hours of work. The result is ready to be put into practice.

To be able to indicate your personal directions, we will need your personal data (first name, last name, sex and date of birth).

We will gladly provide you with this information in PDF format.

The directions and sectors