What is it ?

Bach flowers are floral elixirs made from thirty-eight essences of flowers, which aim to re-harmonize our state of being. They take their name from that of their designer, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), an English doctor specialized in surgery and bacteriology, also interested in homeopathy, who conducted research on the use of flowers of 1928 to 1936. These preparations aim to re-harmonize our states of mind. Bach flowers help us cope with the emotional challenges of everyday life.

Do you need it?

Do you have hyperactive children? or are you?
Do you have children who are afraid of the dark?
Do you have teenagers who are afraid of exams?
Are you nervous about having a job interview?
Do you have phobias?
Are you stressed, nervous, anxious?
Do you suffer from momentary blues?
Do you suffer from excessive anger?
Do you suffer from jealousy?
Do you suffer from a feeling guilty?
Do you suffer from a lack of self-confidence?
Are you overwhelmed by too much responsibility?
Are you afraid to speak in public?
Have you experienced shock, physical, psychic present or past, or mourning?
Do you have trouble adapting to change?
These are just a few examples where Bach flowers can help you. If you feel concerned by one or the other of these situations, Bach flowers will be of great help to you.

When to use them?

Bach flowers