Nilas MV

Nilas MV-Dinamika therapy session

Nilas MV-Dinamika is a multilingual diagnostic system for doctors, dentists and therapists.
NI-CHT (no)
L-INEARE (linear)
A-NALYTISCHE (analytic)
S-YSTEME FÜR (system for)
M-EDIZIN UND (medicine and)
V-ITALITÄT (vitality)

The measures that this device allows us are visible on the following page:

How is a session going?

  • There is a preliminary discussion with the therapist
  • You sit on a chair and we equip you with 2 measuring tools
  • The measurement lasts 5 minutes and goes on calmly
  • A discussion takes place with the therapist after the session
  • You leave with your Nilas file, as well as a recording for a sound and breathing therapy (cardiac coherence) that you can practice during the following days