The functions of Nilas MV-Dinamika

Multilingual diagnostic system for doctors, dentists and therapists.

New version 4.3 available in English

NI-CHT (no)
L-INEARE (linear)
A-NALYTISCHE (analytic)
S-YSTEME FÜR (system for)
M-EDIZIN UND (medicine and)
V-ITALITÄT (vitality)

The product consists of:

  • 1 Dinamika module with 2 clips and cables
  • 1 Nilas MV software for Windows
  • 1 dongle with license

The installation is performed on your Windows PC.

The languages available in Nilas MV-Dinamika are: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Czech. The change of language is done directly by the user.

Respiratory therapy – cardiac coherence (.avi) as well as sound therapy – regenerative music (.mp3) is done directly by the software and can be exported.

The Nilas MV-Dinamika device is also certified as a class IIa medical device, see this certificate.

You are a doctor and would like to equip you with a Nilas MV-Dinamika device to help you carry out your checkups, thank you to contact us by this form.