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BEMER Evo Premium Set Beauty Pack physical therapy of vascular regulation

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New product generation BEMER  Premium Set EVO 2023 – 4th generation

BEMER, what is that?

BEMER is a physical therapy of vascular regulation.

BEMER Partner Philippe Villoz.

BEMER is an acronym for German terminology:

  • Bio Elektro Magnetische Energie Regulation

The BEMER principle:

  • Activates the natural healing mechanisms of the human body.
  • Preventive medecine.
  • Self-healing by the BEMER signal

The BEMER signal is applied twice a day for 8 minutes.

Lease a BEMER device during 8 weeks

Order a BEMER Evo

The BEMER Premium-Set Evo simply contains everything that makes the BEMER physical vascular therapy so effective. And the BEMER accessories also leave nothing to be desired.

The BEMER Premium-Set Evo – the perfect choice for the discerning user.

Controlled by the B.Box Evo and easily applied with the B.Grip Evo, the two light applicators B.Light Clear Evo and B.Light Restore Evo project intense light at different, short wavelengths into the skin. This procedure is known among experts as “Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)”. While it sounds incredibly complicated, it simply brings additional benefits.

The BEMER Beauty-Pack Evo – because beauty starts with your skin.

Protect yourself against electrosmog from electronic devices!


Every electronic device emits electromagnetic waves that carry a signal that can disturb people.

Some people may then be disturbed (too sensitive) to the electromagnetic waves emitted by the BEMER Premium Evo Set.

We have the solution for you !

AVENI devices considerably improve the compatibility of this equipment with the living.

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