Numerology software Arithmogiciel

Arithmogiciel, the multilingual numerology software Mac and Windows.

This software is for all numerologists (even in training) and aims to facilitate their calculations.

The software “ARITHMOGICIEL” was launched worldwide on 21.09.2014 by Philippe de Louvigny, author of about twenty books, and produced by Philippe VILLOZ of the company macwin.ch.

Why this name?

The father of the vibration of numbers was called Pythagoras. Now, the word “number” is called “arithmos” in Greek. Rome changed the root of the word that became “numerus”.
Certainly, heir to the direct Latin, Numerology is more common, but Arithmology, and, therefore, his software, “Arithmogiciel”, seems more consistent with this research.
This multilingual software, voluntarily without pre-chewed and automatic texts, is aimed at professional numerologists or amateurs amateurs, as a working tool.

This multilingual software offers 9 screens:

  • 1 screen for a person’s theme
  • 4 screens for the Excursion Table
  • 1 screen for the Personal Year
  • 1 screen for the Personal Day
  • 1 screen for both Comparative Themes
  • 1 screen for Pythagoras Theme
  • the Triangle of Life, an innovation

All themes are remembered and can be used at any time.
All themes can be printed directly in PDF format.
This software saves you from tedious calculations and hours of work. The result is ready to be put into practice.

You will find more information under www.arithmogiciel.com.

Intervention and interpretation remain essential and personal.

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