What is numerology?

Knowing that, during our reincarnation, we have forgotten the goals we have set for ourselves before coming to earth, guidance on this path will be of great value.

Several methods such as numerology, pentanalogy, the theme of crystal, etc … allow us to take back this forgotten knowledge.

Orientation & life project

  • Elements in numerology, based on your name, first names and date of birth, tell you the stages and the challenges in your life, as well as the most judicious dates when there are important decisions to take
  • A pentanalogical study, based on your date of birth, allows you to better discover you and to know the various possibilities which are available to you to advance in the life in the best possible conditions. Such a study also helps you to know the origin of the problems and blockages in your life
  • Crystal themes bring you a deep understanding of the difficulties of functioning of your daily life, but also of the acquired and capacities inscribed in you. The Crystal Theme opens up new perspectives and beliefs about ourselves more in line with what we are at the bottom of our hearts
  • The numerology software Arithmogiciel for Mac and Windows