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Numerology Discover the stages and the challenges in your life

unnamed 150x150 1What is numerology?

Knowing that, during our reincarnation, we have forgotten the goals we have set for ourselves before coming to earth, guidance on this path will be of great value.

Several methods such as numerology, pentanalogy, the theme of crystal, etc … allow us to take back this forgotten knowledge.

Orientation & life project

  • Elements in numerology, based on your name, first names and date of birth, tell you the stages and the challenges in your life, as well as the most judicious dates when there are important decisions to take

Theme of numerology

Numerology is very instructive. It provides insights and details about a person and how they will interact with others and upcoming events. Calculations for a Numerology theme are very complex.

These calculations are intended for both interested persons and professional numerologists.

For your convenience, we can provide you with the following documents:

  • the person’s theme
  • the Excursion Table
  • the Personal Year
  • the Personal Day
  • both Comparative Themes
  • the Pythagoras Theme
  • the Triangle of Life, an innovation

This document saves you from tedious calculations and hours of work. The result is ready to be put into practice.

For this, we will need your personal data (first names, names, date of birth, year desired for the calculation of the personal year).

We will gladly provide you with this information in PDF format, so that you can discover even more about yourself.

We inform you, that this is just a calculation of your theme and not a numerology study/analysis.

Theme example


Numerology – Discover the stages and the challenges in your life

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