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Pentanalogy discover the potential of a being

Pentanalogy Theme

Pentanalogy is an ancient discipline that distinguishes nine archetypes of character. It is an invitation to spiritual evolution that helps us understand our mechanisms.

From the first day of our birth, we are in an environment that will influence us, that will create our values, our rules, our beliefs and our thought patterns. According to the karmic code, inscribed on our personal pentagram, these external energies will influence us in a different way.

As long as we seek the culprits to our woes and outward solutions, as we adopt a victim’s attitude, as our experiences of love, freedom and peace are based on an external concept, we block any possibility of evolution.

The pentagram shows us the multitude of facets that build our existence and the opportunities to evolve and move from healing to liberation. The more we recognize our mechanisms and our programming, the more we become aware of the archetypal energies that inhabit us, and the easier it will be for us to take control of our destiny.

Studying a pentagram allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of many aspects of an individual. A pentagram allows to discover the potential of a being, but also the unavoidable obstacles that he must overcome. It indicates the tools needed to overcome blockages. He informs us about our essential needs and our primordial values.

It is the diagnosis of our dharma (the ideal plan for living and fulfilling our mission on earth) and our karma (the causes and seeds of the obstacles to overcome in our destiny). His understanding can awaken the alchemist who is in us and transform our weaknesses and blockages into virtues and qualities.

This document saves you from tedious calculations and hours of work. The result is ready to be put into practice.

In order to create your Pentanalogy theme, we will need your personal data (first names, name and date of birth).

We will gladly provide you with this information in PDF format, so that you can discover even more about yourself.

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